Being a small business owner is not easy.  Even on your best, most productive days your attention is drawn in many directions and it can be difficult to focus on the future when you are busy with today’s problems.

It is easy to bog down in the necessities of running your business when you must be exploring the available paths to grow your business.  Because your business does not exist in a vacuum, each day there are many opportunities presented to help you in growing your business.

Three broad categories can be used to classify most businesses, these are activities (what people do), destinations (where people go), or services (what people need).  Your business needs to connect with the customers who are interested in one or more of these categories.

Let’s assume that your business is a Bed and Breakfast.  How and why do customers choose to come to your B & B?  Customers you want to connect with could be visiting the area because of nearby activities, your proximity to nearby destination sites, or services which are close to your Bed and Breakfast.

Your focus in promoting your business must help your potential customers satisfy their “needs”.  By forging connections with other local businesses that customers are searching for to fulfill their needs, you can make your Bed and Breakfast become one of their search results.   The possibilities are endless, once you begin to explore how this works using websites, blogs and social media connections.

Let’s examine how this works and how it can help grow your business.  Think about all the activities, destinations or services which are located within 10 miles of your Bed and Breakfast.  Or even 20 miles or more?  Look beyond just the obvious choices, are there sports tournaments, car shows, trails, etc. that are local but would appeal to potential guests.

The opportunities work both ways activity, destination, or service businesses can also benefit by connecting through your websites, blogs, and social media to local lodging choices.